About Me

Denise S. Tennen is a sculptor and public artist with 24 years in the field. Graduating from Cornell University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Architecture, she worked as an architect for seven years and became a registered architect in 1985. Sculpting became Tennen’s vocation in 1988.

Tennen’s specialty is creating site-specific installations. She creates work as a solo artist and, since 2001, collaborates with groups to design and construct installations expressive of their community. She draws on her architectural background to ascertain and meet the aesthetic needs of her clients as well as to integrate her designs into their environments.

As a public artist, Tennen’s goal is to create inspiring works of art that resonate with and enhance the community. Her intention is to bring beauty and enjoyment to the world through her work.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Line Drawings in the Grass

"Line Drawings" in the Grass
Conceived Fall 2011
I am in search of a mowable plant that is chartreuse in color, hardy, and will contrast with grass

In the Classroom

Art with Natural Materials
First Grade Student at a Twin Cities Elementary School

Ceramic Murals

Goddess Hands

Transformation of a Simple Sidewalk

Transformation of a Simple Sidewalk
Temporary Installation - Collaboration with Jane Powers
College of St. Catherine